Monday, November 23, 2009

Xanteth Olca Herendil

Name: Xanteth Olca Herendil
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Species: Melmeolalaithian
Homeworld: Melmeolalaith
Affiliation: Oira Núro and Voronwë of Aranel Earwen Námië Ancalime Lightrider – in her service, thus entwined forever with the Outcasts
---Traits: Loyal
---Likes: Tradition
---Dislikes: Anything off-world
---Habits: Obsessive in the ways of ancient Melmeolalaithian law
---Skin Color: Blue tint
---Hair Color: Black
---Eye Color: Green
---Clothing: the current high fashion
---Other Attributes: Pointy ears
---Other Details: Left arm bears the Ancalime coat of arms
Weapons: projectile weapons (darts…), blaster, and hands
Starship – does not personally own one, but can fly just about anything
---Hyperdrive Class:
---Sublight Speed:
---Max Cargo (kg):
---Interior Description:
---Other Details:
The Force
---Sensitivity: None
-----Handle Description(s):
---Force Abilities:
---Force Weakness:
---Other Force Object(s):
---Personal History: Grew up with Earwen on Melmeolalaith until she ran away at the age of 14. He spent the next few years trying to forget her, yet writing her every day. When he failed to forget her, he asked her parents for her hand. They agreed and he set off in search for her, only to just miss her when she returned home briefly. The next time Earwen was planetside she had her husband with her, crushing news for Xanteth, who avoided seeing her on that trip. Only after Earwen returns with her children a second time does he tell Earwen of all that had happen since she left. He then, following tradition, becomes her Oira Núro [eternal servant] and a member of Voronwë [the faithful].
---Military History: None, Melmeolalaith is a peaceful people. However, as a member of high society, he has had training in hand to hand combat, projectile weapons, and various blasters. He is also a trained pilot in many ships; however, his flight combat training is solely in sims, he has no in-flight combat experience.
---Traumatic Experiences: Earwen ceasing to write. Earwen taking a husband. Becoming Oira Núro, Voronwë

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