Sunday, November 8, 2009

Peter Times

Name: Peter Times
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Affiliation: Human Resistance Movement
---Traits: Reclusive, determined, confident
---Likes: Reading books, writting, talking with his fellow soldiers during peaceful times
---Dislikes: The non-stop fighting and war
---Habits: Making things with his knife from objects found on the battlefield. Making extra bullets for his weapons. Sharpening his knife. Playing a deck of cards.
---Skin Color: Light
---Hair Color: Brown
---Eye Color: Gray cornea, blue iris
---Clothing: Green (World War II color) pants, shirt, and jacket. Green equipment belt and web vest, along with black infantry boots. Green (with wood-land camouflage netting) military helmet, which goggles. Handgun holster is strapped to the right upper leg, it is black in color. Jacket has unit's patch on right arm, while the soldier's rank and first initial of their first name and complete last name is on the right breast of the jacket. Four pockets on the jackets, able to hold almost anything the soldier would need. Mostly extra ammo clips or rations.
---Other Attributes: Two water cantiens (one on either aft side of equipment belt), small green flashlight (left side of belt), small first-aid kit (back of belt), two energy bars (back of belt), raincoat (tucked away in pouch on back of equipment belt), and some rations (tucked away next to the raincoat in another pouch on the back of the equipment belt). Flare sticks on left aft of equipment belt, in front of the cantien, along with the bayonet on the right side of the equipment belt, behind the cantien. Two ammo pouches on each side of the equipment belt, in front of the cantiens (four double-clips each, 60 rounds per double clip). Frag gernades located on web vest, alomg with flash gernade and extra ammo. Combat knife attached to right ankle by black knife holster.
---Other Details: Tattoo on right upper arm; tattoo of The Guardians symbol. Tattoo is in color.
Weapons: One Multiple-Function Assault Carbine Type E (MACE), one Assault Handgun Mark III (AH3), four frag gernades, two flare sticks, one smoke gernade, one flash gernade, one bayonet, one Military Service Combat Knife
---Name: N/A
---Class: N/A
---Hyperdrive Class: N/A
---Weapon(s): N/A
---Shields: N/A
---Sublight Speed: N/A
---Crew: N/A
---Passenger(s): N/A
---Max Cargo (kg): N/A
---Interior Description: N/A
---Other Details: N/A
The Force
---Sensitivity: N/A
---Religion: N/A
-----Crystal(s): N/A
-----Blade(s): N/A
-----Color(s): N/A
-----Handle Description(s): N/A
---Force Abilities: N/A
---Force Weakness: N/A
---Other Force Object(s): N/A
---Personal History: Born on Earth in 2071. Mostly a boring life, as Peter would put it, living in a medium sized city, helping run the family-owned store. Joined the Federal Army once he was old enough. Moved quickly through the ranks. After nine years of war, he wants the war to end and wants to come home. Peter is tired, like most, of the stale-mate that the aliens and humans have got themselves into and wants the war to end. After nine years of war, the year is 2103. He is afraid that, once he comes home, they'll be nothing to come home to, or that he has changed so much, no one will recongize him anymore. His remaining comrades in his company is all he knows of family anymore he feels.

It was during a night battle with rain pouring down, in the American Mid-West, where Human Resistance Movement soldiers had been holding a series of trench line fortications for three months, that, as Staff Sergeant Peter Times was running towards one of the ammo sites to gather ammo for his squad, just as he was getting ammo and defended himself against two enemy soliders who had got past the defensives, that a time void opened and sucked him and his ammo crate to the Jedi Outcasts.
---Military History: Rose up the ranks from private to staff sergeant after nine years of war. One of the most decorated soldiers in the Federal Army. As of right now, part of the Human Resistance Movement (largest splinter group from the collapsed Federal Army) to lead the fight against the alien invaders.

---Traumatic Experiances: Too many to count. Like most experts predict, by the time the soldiers come home, they'll be so changed by what they saw...the long-term veterans more-so then others. Already, unheard high numbers of cases of PTSD are running through the ranks of returning soldiers. An estamined 20% of returning soldiers will have to be classified as clinically unstable (and or insane) for civilian life and confined to hospitals for the rest of their lives.

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