Monday, November 16, 2009

Juerr Pakka

Name: Juerr Pakka / Falling Stars1
Gender: Male
Age: 27 standard years
Height: Just under 2 meters
Species: Trianii (Feline)
Home world: Ekibo (Colony World)
Affiliation: Trianii Rangers
---Traits: Very strong in beliefs and direction in life, though adventurous often to a fault
---Likes: Adventure, friends, and a fight
---Dislikes: Anything anti-Trianii in anyway
---Habits: Often purrs to himself while flying or concentrating
---Fur Color: Black with brown vertical stripes
---Eye Color: Brown
---Clothing: Utility slacks and vest matching fur color scheme
---Other Attributes: Top half of left ear missing, meter & nine/tenths long prehensile tail, slender, sharp claws
Weapons: Sonic blaster, dart gun, claws
---Name: Dark Fang / Fallen Angel 5
---Class: Skipspray blast boat / Tie Hunter
---Hyper drive Class: 1.8 /
---Weapon(s): two laser canons, three med-blast canons, proton torpedo, concussion missile / two laser canons, two ion canons, two proton tubes
---Shields: Light shielding /
---Sublight Speed: 3000 (about 600 slower than Xwing) /
---Crew: One / One
---Passenger(s): Four (cramped) / Zero
---Max Cargo (kg): Small hold ? / Very Small
---Interior Description: Two small decks the top consists of bridge and laser turret, lower deck contains equipment acouple of bunks & storage / Cockpit
---Other Details: Ship is heavily scarred and scorched from previous engagements, and beginning to seriously age systems wise /
The Force
---Sensitivity: Medium sensitivity
---Religion: Believes in Honor system
---Lightsaber N/A
---Force Abilities: Has ability to see the immediate future, levitate self, quickened reactions, & Lightning.
---Force Weakness: All other areas , especially to move objects.
---Other Force Object(s): A Yellow crystal which has been passed down in his family, along with the teachings of how to use some of the force in the Trianii heritage.
---Personal History: Though born on the colony world of Ekibo he has always gotten into trouble through his adventuress spirit, once considered an adult and having learned most of his family’s religion, which concerns the force, and the government religion, he set off to join the Rangers. Once in the military he was trained as an advance scout. Later he was sent on a journey to investigate the galaxy after the Yuuzhan Vong conflict, a punishment as he originally saw it, for the war that would not leave his soul after losing his family. After joining the Outcasts he has found himself a new home, new battles, and something more in a humanoid female he has come to know and love.
---Military History: As such he proved both his loyalty and insanity, often leading the way for others into battle relaying info to the fleet before they attacked. Being from a somewhat superstitious and extremely territorial feline race, has allowed him to see many battles in his short years both with the neighboring Corporate Sector and the Yuuzhan Vong
---Traumatic Experiences: War, it is truly traumatic enough, though the added cost of loosing most of his friends and family has caused him to enter a state of temporary (strongly recommended)self exile from his race. He still does send back reports of his findings and any possible new worlds to colonize or purge.

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