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Jim Palso

Name: Jim Palso
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Human
Homeworld: Corellia
Affiliation: Jedi Outcasts
---Traits: Punctual, inquisitive, observant, impatient
---Likes: Staying in shape, learning and exploring new things, exploring wreckage of starships, studying history, hanging out with friends, playing holo games, watching holo movies, reading books (both paper and holo disk), eating carrots (and chewing gum and beef jerky), and helping people
---Dislikes: People with evil intent, arrogant people, liars, politics (Palso really hates politics)
---Habits: Scratching his head, cracking his knuckles and fingers, rubbing his face when tired, cracking his neck
---Skin Color: Light
---Hair Color: Brown (Fade style hair cut)
---Eye Color: Blue-gray
---Clothing: Jim Palso chose to model after Han Solo, one of his childhood heroes. It was simple, yet practical, and was some-what stylish. Jim wore the same type of blue pants that Han favored so much, minus the Corellian Blood Stripes, and had pilot-styled black boots. A black bulky blaster belt sat across his waist with a blaster holster attached to his mid-thigh on his right leg. A modified and scoped DL-44 Blaster Pistol was in the right holster with two smaller modified Q2 Hold-Out Blasters tucked into the back of his belt at the small of his back; the two blaster pistols were known as The Twins. A white short-sleeve t-shirt covered his chest with a black blast vest, which was left open, over that. A hand-held comlink was on the left side of his belt. (Modified from JIM PALSO AND THE ARKANIAN TRAP, Chapter One 'The Kid' )
---Other Attributes: His pilot's flight suit is black with green lining and gloves. His pilot boots are black. His helmet is green with a black visor and the black words, QUAGMIRE, over the front of the helmet. A DL-44 Blaster Pistol is holstered on his right thigh with a black holster.
---Other Details: Wears standard Jedi Outcasts uniform when needed; Jim Palso has a strong and athletic built, his strength is most noticable in his upper body with a strong, well-defined chest, strong and broad shoulders, and strong, well-defined arms and abs (has since gone away, but is getting back in shape). Palso is 5'11 and weights in at 208 pounds.
Weapons: DL-44 Blaster Pistol, two Q2 Hold-Out Blasters (The Twins), double barreled E-11B Blaster Carbine
---Name: Hunk of Junk Classic
---Class: Corellian Heavy Interceptor
---Hyperdrive Class: .50
---Weapon(s): 1 cockpit mounted Proton Torpedo launcher, 1 cockpit mounted heavy duty ion cannon, 1 chin mounted twin blaster cannon, 2 cockpit mounted heavy laser cannons, 2 wing mounted twin laser cannons, two wing mounted retractable concussion missile launchers, two (top and bottom) quad laser turrets, 1 rear mounted retractable concussion missile launcher, 1 small retractable blaster cannon above landing ramp
---Shields: N/A
---Sublight Speed: “She has speed to match the Millennium Falcon and maneuverability better then that of the Outrider,” (JIM PALSO AND THE ARKANIAN TRAP, Chapter Two, 'A Smuggler's Best Friend')
---Crew: 3 (Pilot, Co-pilot, Astromech droid)
---Passenger(s): 4
---Max Cargo (kg): 100 metric tons
---Interior Description: See JIM PALSO AND THE ARKANIAN TRAP, Chapter Two, 'A Smuggler's Best Friend'
---Other Details: The Hunk of Junk Classic is in process of being rebuilt---almost completed---and is a precise replica of the first Hunk of Junk. Going through old contacts who built the original Hunk of Junk, Palso had the Hunk of Junk rebuilt aboard the Ill Repute II in record time.
The Force
---Sensitivity: Medium
---Religion: Light Side
-----Crystal(s): N/A
-----Blade(s): 1
-----Color(s): Green
-----Handle Description(s): Like Luke's in ANH
---Force Abilities: Force push, Force grab, Force speed, Force jump, Force Throw, Force lightening, Force Choke, Jedi Mind Trick, Danger Sense, Battle Meditation
---Force Weakness: Not fully trained
---Other Force Object(s): None
---Personal History: Jim Palso grew up on Corellia to two middle-class parents. Or so it would seem. While his mother played the house wife and house mother role, his father was a smuggler. But more then a smuggler, Jim's father was a Jedi Knight hiding from the Jedi Purge after the Clone Wars. Taking a role of a smuggler---a true joy of flying deep in his blood---Jack Palso wouldn't tell Jim of his true identity, or of Jim's potential in the Force which was dormant due to unknown reasons---before he died when Jim was 9 years old. Despite his hidden identity, Jack Palso raised his son to respect and honor the Jedi. But when Jack Palso was cut down by the very people he respected and honored so much in front of Jim's eyes, Jim developed a extreme hatred of the Jedi. Raised by Talon Karde after his father's death, Jim Palso would grow up further amidst smugglers and spacers alike. After serving with Karde and his organization for a number of years, at 17 years of age, Jim was given his own ship---the Hunk of Junk---custom built by Talon Karde, Booster Terrik, Han Solo, and Dash Rendar.

Palso would quickly find himself in trouble as a lone smuggler however in JIM PALSO AND THE ARKANIAN TRAP. Other adventures would follow the young smuggler, his fame as a hot-shot pilot and nerve and gut to pull off almost any run gaining him riches. At 19 years of age, after a set-up by the New Republic, Jim Palso and 29 other smuggling vessels found themselves trapped between a blood planetary conflict planet side and a New Republic "Peace Keeping Force". Knowing that capture would mean imprisonment on Kessel and that the New republic would label the smugglers for "war crimes," the smugglers only option was to escape. But with the rag-tag group of smugglers' leader dead, Palso was suddenly elected to lead the escape attempt against hopelessly superior New Republic numbers. All 30 smuggling vessels would attempt the overpowering New Republic blockade, the blockade run famously becoming known as 'The Run' after its successful attempt. Palso would soon find himself on the front of The Smuggler, a leading magazine highlighting the illegal activity of smuggling, and Jim Palso would be labeled the superstar of smuggling. Fame and bounties on his head would continue to grow for Jim Palso after his appearance on The Smuggler.

Sometime later, Jim Palso would be tapped for a smuggling run to mysterious and mythical Kingdom of Jod by the New Republic under a secret program known as the 120th Battle Group---a unit made up of smugglers purely for New Republic Intelligence. The next six months of this chapter of Jim's life---and the smugglers who returned with him---are conversational to this day and clouded in mystery. Many don't believe the stories of Jim and the other returning smugglers, while others are convinced that the Kingdom of Jod is no longer a myth and legend, but is real. Either way, the 120th Battle Group's mission was a failure---as was the New Republic Intelligence's mission to the Kingdom of Jod, if there was ever a 120th Battle Group and if there was ever a Kingdom of Jod to ever begin with in the first place.

Despite the mystery of the Kingdom of Jod, New Republic Intelligence used a '120th Battle Group' on rare missions during the start of the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion. Whatever the reasons behind the 120th Battle Group and the New Republic Intelligence were involving Jim Palso, the New Republic finally captured Jim Palso at age 20 after almost two years of chasing him. Upon capture, Jim was given the odd chance to either go to Kessel or work for the Jedi Outcasts, a mercenary group the New Republic contracted out for special purposes and missions. Although never confirmed by the New Republic or Talon Karrde or Booster Terik, many believe that The Smuggler's Council and the Smuggler's Alliance had a very large part behind the scenes in this decision by the New Republic, mostly in part due to the dirt and information Talon Karrde had on what really happened in the Kingdom of Jod, information that the New Republic and now Galactic Alliance would do anything to get their hands on. Although the decision sent ripples through New Republic Intelligence and shock through the criminal underground, Jim Palso was kept out of Kessel and certain death by the hands of rival criminal underground organizations that Jim had worked against in the past.

Joining the Jedi Outcasts at age 20, Jim Palso would serve under three Supreme Chancellors---jediknight88, Lissa Rosqu, and Laine Snowtrekker---would be a pain in the rear for both Lank Pavail and Skye Lightrider, would become close friends with Earwen Lightrider and Dinn Talisz, would see the destruction of both his ships the Hunk of Junk and Hunk of Junk II, would become engaged to Laine Snowtrekker, and would raise to the rank of Wing Commander. He would see three New Jedi Outcasts command ships, including the Ill Repute and Ill Repute II. He would see the refit of the Ill Repute at Sullest and her destruction over Coruscant during the retaking of the capital city from the Yuuzhan Vong at the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Before the retaking of Coruscant, Palso would become aware of his Force potential after a near-death starfighter accident and would later be trained by D'nari Lo'che and later by the very Jedi who killed his father, Eric O'Vann. Palso would fall to the Dark Side of the Force in part due to a plan by Eric O'Vann, who was once a Jedi Knight with Jim's Grandfather, who was a Jedi Master during the Old Republic. But Eric O'Vann had fallen to the Dark Side of the Force years following Order 66 and the end of the Clone Wars, consumed with hatred to destroy Darth Vader. Eric O'Vann and Jim Palso would battle it out at the retaking of Coruscant aboard the crumbling Ill Repute II, as she blew apart in space over Coruscant. Skye Lightrider would take on O'Vann's combat droid during the fight.

Jim's fall to the Dark Side hurt everyone---Dinn, Earwen, Laine (his three closet friends)---and it would be a while before the damage could be repaired. As the Jedi Outcasts set base up on Coruscant after the war ended, Jim found himself in the services of the New Jedi Order with Corran Horn. He would spend months away from the Jedi Outcasts, returning during the Jedi Outcasts's mission on Duro. He would leave again however with the New Jedi Order and Corran Horn. Jim Palso would later be reportedly killed by a Dark Jedi while on a mission. But he would survive, thanks to Talon Karde. But Jim would have lost his memory and Force abilities after his near-death. He would later return to smuggling for three months, once again making a name for himself in smuggling. All of this was to keep Jim safe, as Talon Karde put it, and out of harm's way of a growing Dark Side threat. Jim would eventually rejoin the Jedi Outcasts to see the death of Skye Lightrider, a once hard-nose superior of Jim Palso's who turned into a close friend. It would take a now memory-lost and Force-lost Jim Palso months to recover fully both his memory and Force abilities.

Palso and Kal Jeti would later go on to form Brother from Another Rebel or BAR, a counter-organization to the famous Pink Princess Trio. Palso would see the retirement of both Lissa Rosqu and Lank Pavail and the promotion of Laine Snowtrekker to Supreme Chancellor, as well as his own promotion to Wing Commander.

---Military History: Although never officially in the military, Palso served as a civilian contractor in the 120th Battle Group for the New Republic and as a mercenary for the Jedi Outcasts.

---Traumatic Experiences: The death of his father and mother, his loss of memory and Force abilities after his near death at the hands of a Dark Jedi, Skye Lightrider's death, the death of his two droids---although they would later come back online thanks to Talon Karde.

----Outdated Sheet Follows----

Name: Jim Palso
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Species: Human
Homeworld: Corellia
Affiliation: Jedi Outcasts/New Jedi Order

---Traits: Lop-sided grin, always folding his arms across his chest in discussion
---Likes: Piloting a small ship or starfighter, lightsaber dueling, blaster fights, bar fights, playing sabacc, having good times with friends, hanging out and enjoying life
---Dislikes: Dark Side (both through the Force and other, like lust and hate) temptations, evil doings, hateful things, selfish doings
---Habits: Rubbing his chin with his fingers, rubbing the back of his head, chewing beef jerky, playing around with pins or other objects in his hands when bored or just talking about stuff, moving legs around when sitting around for a while.

---Skin Color: Light
---Hair Color: Brown (Fade-style hair-cut)
---Eye Color: Blue-gray
---Clothing: Sand-brown colored Jedi Robes; Tan colored pants with dark brown knee high boots. The tabards is a tan color, as the long-sleeved tunic is a sand color, the under-tunic being a lighter sand-color. The obi or slash is dark bown in color, the Jedi cloak being a dark brown as well.---Other Attributes: Blue pants with knee-high black boots, black belt, black holster and heavy blaster pistol around right upper thigh, white short-sleeve t-shirt, and black vest.
---Other Details: Has a Jedi Outcasts uniform.
Weapons: One green bladed lightsaber with a hilt resembling close to but not percisely like Jedi Master Corran Horn’s lightsaber hilt. One customized heavy DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol and one customized double barreled E-11B Blaster Rifle.

---Name: Guardian
---Class: Light assault shuttle
---Interior Description: The cockpit is wedge in shape. The cockpit window takes up the whole front of the cockpit and wraps around slightly to port and starboard sides of the cockpit. A console board lines the front of the cockpit with the pilot’s seat on the port side and the co-pilot/weapons officer on the starboard side of the ship. The cockpit then extends into a series of various controls on either side of the cockpit walls behind the two seats, a third seat against the starboard side of the cockpit supports a crew member to monitor the engineering and condition of the shuttle in battle and normal flight; when not in use, these station’s controls are transferred to the co-pilot’s console/ A astromech ring sits slightly behind and in the middle of the pilot and co-pilot seats. The cockpit is spaceous, yet small as well. A single tripple layered blast door seperates the cockpit from the rest of the ship. Beyond the cockpit is a small living area of a couch on the starboard side of the ship facing towards the port side of the ship where a hologram screen spans part of the wall and a HoloNet transceiver/receiver sits under the hologram screen. This part of the ship is carpeted and the couch features a pull-out bed for a passenger as well as a security-field that can enclose the whole living room area. The living area has a book shelf towards the back of the ship in the corner of the room on the starboard side of the ship. Two plants sit atop the book shelf. Another tripple layered blast seperates the living quarters from the rest of the ship, which then turns into the main bedroom for the ship. The bedroom, like the living room, is carpeted and except for a bed on the port side of the ship facing the starboard side of the ship, dresser, and viewports on starboard and port sides of the room to space, the room is very simple. A blast door seperates the bedroom from the rest of the ship, which includes the engines compartment and a small kitchen and table before the engines compartment, and other ship functions. A second “lower” deck is directly under the cockpit and runs the length of the ship. Storage bays, a hidden and sensored protected smuggling compartment, more ship functions, and access to both the cargo lift and entrance/exit ramp are all here. Access to the second level is granted through a hatch in the floor after the cockpit and before the couch in the living quarters and a hatch in the kitchen area of the ship, which also leads direct access to the cargo lift.
---Other Details: The ship is a polished reflective gray in color with a pointed wedge-shaped cockpit that extends into a circluar rectandular body of a craft with two delta wings, coming out at the middle of the craft, and the craft ends in a flat rectangular engines which houses four small, but very powerful engines with round exshault ports. The ship has engine vents that sit directly behind the cockpit of the ship, where the cockpit blends into the main part of the ship, and the engine vents are half-circular as they flow with the main circular body of the craft. Landing struts extend from under the cockpit and one each under each of the wings. A small cargo lift is in the rear of the craft before the engines and the main entrance/exit ramp extends from just under the cockpit, facing to the port side of the ship. Except for the cockpit window and the rectangular viewports on the starboard and port sides of the ship in the bedroom, there are not other viewports in the ship.

---Personal History (shortened, due to computer problems):

Smuggler, Jedi Outcasts, and now Jedi. What a trip Jim Palso has had so far. From a kid growing up on the streets of Corellia to one of the best, and egotist, smugglers in the business to a Commander with the Jedi Outcasts, then to a Jedi with the New Jedi Order. After years as a smuggler, Jim was captured by New Republic Intelligence and granted a chance: either go to Kessel or join the Jedi Outcasts. Jim went to the Jedi Outcasts. From water fights to pink dresses to pink doors to pink...well really sticky pink stuff on the side of his ship, the “Pink Wars” gave a laughable background to a hard, but true, almost three year career with the Jedi Outcasts.

After the Recapture of Coruscant at the end of the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, which resulted in Jim Palso’s fall to the Dark Side, death of Jedi Knight Eric O’Vann, leaving his “sister” Dinn, break-up with Laine, and departure from the Jedi Outcasts, Jim Palso and his two droids, C-5PO (Walking Library) and R2-D5 (Bugger), and their Hologram interface Alfred, went back into smuggling with the Hunk of Junk II. After adventures and misadventures alike, as they were known, “Palso and his droids” retired from the smuggling world quietly…much to the shock of journalists and bounty hunters alike following the smuggler and his smuggling partners around since before Jim joined the Jedi Outcasts. The retirement of the famous smuggler and his crew remains a mystery, as does the location of the Hunk of Junk II and it’s captain and crew.

Off the record, and not publicly, former Jedi Outcasts Commander and smuggler Jim Palso went to seek help from the New Jedi Order. Under the most secret conditions, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker assigned Jedi Master Corran Horn to train Jim Palso and help him come back from the Dark Side that Jim thought he had come back from himself when he went back into smuggling, but in which he found out he was not back from the Dark Side fully yet. Months of training (OOC: From May to August was when my character was on Leave, in real life time at least) followed and Jim earned the rank of Jedi Apprentice. It was decided that, to continue his training to Jedi Knight, that Jim would have to go to the Jedi Outcasts where the ex-smuggler could better adopt to the demands of being part of the New Jedi Order and being a Jedi…but more importantly, to become a Jedi Knight.

---Military History: Jedi Outcasts, see above personal history.
---Traumatic Experiances: Death of his father at the hands of Eric O’Vann.

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