Monday, November 23, 2009

Arvel Kier Revik

Name: Arvel Kier Revik
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Affiliation: Imperial Remnant
---Traits: Soft-spoken individual. Prefers actions over words, though he's far from shy. He can be rather sociable, but having spent a good portion of his youth and early adulthood fighting the Vong, he has a rather cynical edge and is deadly serious in combat.
---Habits: Insomnia
---Skin Color: Caucasian
---Hair Color: Dirty blond, somewhat spiky
---Eye Color: Blue-Grey
---Clothing: In black
---Other Attributes:
---Other Details:
Weapons: Standard issue BlasTech E-11 Carbine for planetary ops. Always carries Blast-Tech DR-24 heavy blaster pistol , Retractable vibro-blades, mounted in wrist gauntlets, easily concealed under sleeves, two lightsabers, right hand , left hand .
Starship: Will Update Later
---Hyperdrive Class:
---Sublight Speed:
---Max Cargo (kg):
---Interior Description:
---Other Details:
The Force
---Sensitivity: Yes
---Religion: Non-aligned
---Lightsaber: Two
-----Crystal(s): Nextor, Solari, and synth-crystals
-----Blade(s): Single blade each
-----Color(s): White
-----Handle Description(s): See 'Weapons' above.
---Force Abilities: Highly trained in most force abilities, though Arvel refrains from using them.
---Force Weakness: Unknown
---Other Force Object(s):
---Personal History: Arvel was born on Coruscant during the relative peace between the end of the Galactic Civil War and the Yuuzhan Vong war. When he was still very young, his parents decided to move away from the political unrest in the core and settled on the Imperial capital of Bastion. He lived a pretty uneventful life in his early years, only working a few odd jobs in his middle-class neighborhood in the capital city during High School. Though the Imperial Remnant was no longer too far removed from core-world civilizations, military service was still held in high regard. Those who served (especially those who became officers) received a lot of benefits, both for themselves and their families. Still, his parents (who had lived through the worst years of the IR) were uneasy when he revealed his desire to apply to the Imperial Naval Academy on Yaga Minor. They eventually (but still reluctantly) supported his decision, however, and he was accepted into the Academy at the age of 17.

---Military History: The first year at the INA was dedicated to academics. The next year incorporated continuing education as well as basic training and specialized classes in one of the three fields of Naval service: fleet/starfighter corps, naval commando/special-ops, or storm trooper. The final 1-2 years were dedicated to field training. Arvel did exceptionally well in his time at the Academy. After his first year, he was at the top of his class, and he chose to continue at the naval commando school in his second year (with a few E.C. classes at fleet). Here too, he excelled. Unfortunately, at the onset of his third year, the Yuuzhan Vong invasion began. Though the IR remained neutral at first, much of his class was pushed into active service as a precautionary measure in case they were forced into the war... which they were. All but a few, however, were given full commissions. Arvel Revik and 3 of his classmates became Acting Sub-Lieutenants while the others remained Officer Cadets or Midshipmen. Arvel was assigned to the Nebulon-H Frigate Carida where he became a platoon leader of that vessel's commando unit. He fought in a series of successful campaigns early in the IR's involvement and became a full Sub-Lieutenant at the age of 21. During the Battle of Bastion, the fleet suffered heavy losses while the world was evacuated. The Carida became severely damaged, and much of the officer core and crew were killed or incapacitated. As ranking officer, Arvel was forced to take command. Thanks to his efforts, both his ship and its battle group managed to take out a couple enemy frigates before retreating to the IR's border worlds. It was here that Naval brass transferred him to fleet service and promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant. In the final years of the war, he served in his new position well. In fact, his new CO thought so highly of him that he gave him temporary command of the Carida on a handful of occasions, preparing him for a promotion as his XO. The Carida was destroyed during the final battle at Coruscant, however, and his CO was killed... but not before submitting a recommendation for his first command. Shortly afterward, Arvel Revik was assigned to the Marauder Corvette Pure Sabaac and continues to serve as that vessel's captain. However, he was recently reassigned, due in part to his transfer to Imperial Intelligence, as of some months ago.

---Traumatic Experiences: Arvel's rush into active service at what is, undoubtedly, the galaxy's most devastating war left him with some subtle mental issues, i.e. shell shock. (Not crazy, just needs some therapy for everything he has seen.)

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