Monday, November 23, 2009

Balian Travant

Name: Balian Travant
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Species: Human
Homeworld: Thyferra
Affiliation: Imperial Remnant
---Traits: Avid, adventurous, though still remaining a soldier. Loyal to the IR, and Grand Admiral Pellaeon. Hard working, dedicated, and resourceful.
---Habits: Corellian Ale, Corellian Ale, and Corellian Ale. tongue
---Skin Color: Caucasian, tan
---Hair Color: Brown, somewhat ruffled
---Eye Color: Brown
---Clothing: Standard IR issue field ops gear
---Other Attributes:
---Other Details: Is a demolitions and close combat specialist.
Weapons: Standard issue BlasTech E-11 Carbine.
Starship: NA
---Hyperdrive Class:
---Sublight Speed:
---Max Cargo (kg):
---Interior Description:
---Other Details:
The Force
---Sensitivity: Yes
---Religion: Former Jedi
---Lightsaber: One
-----Crystal(s): Nextor
-----Blade(s): Single
-----Color(s): Orange
-----Handle Description(s):
---Force Abilities: Average, standard stuff here.
---Force Weakness: Unknown
---Other Force Object(s):
---Personal History: Luke and his original batch of Jedi found Balian on Thyferra at the age of 10. Trained along side Lowbacca, Solos, Tenel for a while and stayed loyal during the whole time, though sometimes questioned the wisdom of Luke and the masters he trained, but most especially the NR. Balian became seriously disillusioned with the NR after the Hand of Thrawn crisis, speicifically in regards to the truth of the Caamas document that implicated certain Bothan clans in aiding Palpatine to destroy that world. Members of that clan continued to serve in the highest ranks of the NR government, so, while painful for Balian to leave his friends, he could no longer, in good conscience, continue to support it. After the treaty between the NR and IR was signed, Balian approached Pellaeon to assess how serious he was about peace. Ultimately, despite being former enemies, he found the old man and his inner circle to be a far more honorable government to serve.

---Military History: On the flip side, as a former Jedi, he saw value in Balian's abilities (especially since he did a lot of recon work as a Jedi). He issued a military warrant and granted Balian the rank of Warrant Officer First Class and assigned him to the Army's scout-recon division. Balian has served well between then and now, bringing new tactics and training to their scout-recon division and rose through the ranks. By the time the war was over, he'd achieved the highest WO rating, Class 5, or Chief Warrant Officer.

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