Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maeglan Ristol

Name: Maeglan Ristol
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Species: Chiss/Human hybrid
Homeworld: Csilla
Affiliation: Imperial Remnant
---Traits: Cold and calculating on duty. He likes to know every possible detail about a mission, and he plans for every forseeable contingency. He often takes his work a bit too seriously. Off-duty, you'd think he was a completely different person. He's quite sociable and likes to make people laugh.
---Likes: Seeing a mission go as planned and then celebrating heartily afterwards.
---Dislikes: Losing a person under his command. Misguided assumptions. People who presume too much. Spiders (long story)
---Habits: Tends to drink and smoke a lot off-duty.
---Skin Color: Blue
---Hair Color: Black
---Eye Color: Has normal human eyes, but with red irises
---Clothing: Light grey, full-length coat bearing his unit's insignia on the sleeves over a standard black Imperial Officer's uniform
---Other Details: Has a crescent-shaped scar over his left eye and the sigil of his Chiss father's clan tattooed on the inside of his right wrist
Weapons: Merr-Sonn GV-96 Blaster Carbine. Blas-Tech DL-39 Blaster Pistol. Vibroblade. Lightsabre
---Name: Mourning Star
---Class: YT-2000
---Hyperdrive Class: Primary -> x.75 Secondary: x10
---Weapon(s): CEC Dual-Laser Cannon on dorsal turret, Six-shot "Gatling-gun" style Concussion missile tube on ventral turret, medium power TIE-fighter laser cannons to port and starboard of the cockpit.
---Shields: Chempat Engineered Defenses military-grade deflector.
---Sublight Speed: 95 MGLT
---Crew: 2 -> pilot, co-pilot/gunner
---Passenger(s): 4
---Max Cargo (kg): 75 metric tonnes
---Interior Description: Has a factory-stock interior. The only additions were computer upgrades and a better holo-net tranceiver. There's also a holographic gameboard in the main deck.
---Other Details: Contains a number of ID tags, as Maeglan uses this ship for covert operations.
The Force
---Sensitivity: Yes
---Religion: Non-aligned, Grey
-----Crystal(s): Adegan
-----Blade(s): 1
-----Color(s): Sapphire Blue
-----Handle Description(s): Curved-hilt, reminiscent of Count Dooku's
---Force Abilities: Latent empathic and telekinetic abilities. Maeglan is untrained.
---Force Weakness: unknown
---Other Force Object(s): Carries his great-grandfather's holocron
---Personal History: Maeglan was born and raised on Csilla at the start of the Galactic Civil War. Though the Chiss were still isolationists at that time, he and his family took a personal interest in the conflict. Maeglan learned as much as he could about the galaxy outside Csilla's borders, especially concerning his mother's homeworld of Corellia and many of the Core Worlds. When he was 12, his father was tragically killed in a speeder wreck, and he and his mother (who had been an explorer before meeting his father) moved back to her homeworld soon after. Like many children in the Core, Maeglan came to see the Rebellion as little more than a group of terrorists. At the age of 16, much to his mother's chagrin, he faked his ID papers and enlisted in the Imperial Army.

---Military History: Maeglan's first post was on board the ISD Bahamut. He served as a squad leader of that vessel's 3rd platoon, Rapid Assault Division. He fought in a number of successful campaigns against the Rebellion, first as crew chief on a planetary bomber, and then as a ground forces trooper. He quickly earned quite a reputable service record. As a Staff Sergeant, Maeglan's platoon led the assault on a major Rebel supply depot on Bothawui that resulted in its destruction, as well as the deaths of several high-ranking Rebel officers. Afterwards, he received a battlefield commission to 2nd Lieutenant, and his CO recommended him to participate in the Storm Commando program. He became the commander of one of the first SC units to be officially adopted by the Empire. Five years after the Battle of Endor, Maeglan, now a Lieutenant Colonel, was on a mission to infiltrate a New Republic facility on Riflor. Their objective was to retrieve a group of POWs, but they were operating under false intel. It was a trap, and the surviving members of Maeglan's team were captured. Years later, the facility was abandoned after the Yuuzhan Vong began their takeover of the galaxy. Maeglan, and his fellow prisoners, now remain under their captivity.

---Traumatic Experiances: The death of Maeglan's father continues to haunt him to this day. He also regrets many of his actions while serving with the Imperial Army and the Strom Commandos. He and his men have also suffered greatly in the YV's captivity.

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