Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sorin Kain

Name:Sorin Kain
Race: Fampoli
Age 29
Weight: 170lbs
Height 5'6
Eye color: Red with flecks of Gold
Skin color:Deep Tan
Hair color: Black
Sabre Colors: Aquamarine, and Garnet Red
Civilian clothes: A white shirt, Synth Leather Jacket, black denims and combat boots. Flightsuit is Forest Green.

BIO:Adopted by the fampoli Fiol, former Rogue Squadron pilot, and her human husband at age 15 Sorin was anything receptive of his new family. It was not until Fiol adopted a human girl that he became cool and calm. Even going so far as to protect his sister. When he turned twenty he began to see things, make things happen when he was incredibly mad or frightened. At first Fiol and Jai or his little sister Tallie did not know what was wrong with him until he was twenty five and Jedi Knight Kyp Durron discovered his talent, and with his elated families blessings he went to Yavin 4 to become a Jedi. His talent was rising at an expontential rate. When Desann attacked the academy he fought along side his fellow students and masters, managing to slay not one, but two reborn jedi. It was then that he was given the rank of Jedi knight. When Tavion and her Neo Reborns made their bid to steal Dark Force powers to ressurect the sith lord Marka Ragnos. During the entire crisis Sorin showed remarkable skill and courage when he and Kyp Durron when to Brental to track down three high ranking Neo Reborns. Though Sorin was injured during the fight and did loose his lightsabre, he was able to incapacitate two of the three Reborn Masters. The other rather than be captured, killed himself on his own lightsabre. Skywalker gave Sorin and Kyp the rank of Jedi Master. Not long after that the Yuuzhan Vong attacked. His first priority was to make sure his family and his planet was safe before he went to track down the group called the Jedi Outcasts, and join their fight.

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