Saturday, November 7, 2009

D'nari Lo'che

Name: D'nari Lo'che

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Species: S'ktari

Homeworld: Marat V or Skye

Affiliation: Jedi Knight

-traits: Dedicated healer and Jedi, duty bound, Can be funny, passionate, values truthfulness
-Likes: Pretty clothes and Jewellery, a good glass of wine, good books, poetry
-Dislikes: Liars, cheats, selfishness and pettiness
-Habits: Keeps feelings to self unless provoked, Doesn't make friends easilly

-Skin color: kelly green
-Hair color: blonde (looks like a mowhawk)
-Eye color: Hunter green
-Clothing: often sarongs, off the shoulder type clothes
-Other Attributes: Large bat-like wings
-Other details: 6'3" barefoot, but often wears three inch heels

Weapons: Lightsaber/whip, can use blasters

The Force:
-Sensitivity: Strong sensativity
-Religion: Earth Father, Star-eyed Mother
--Crystal: Black Quartz or the Jedi equivalent
--Blade: Adjusts from mid sized sword to bullwhip
--Color: Black
--Handle: Similar to Count Dooku's
--Force Ability: Strongest in Force Healing and Defensive sheilding
--Force weakness: Not a strong fighter
--Other: Has a pyrotechnic ability not related to the Force

Biography: I'll do that one later, Kay?

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