Monday, November 23, 2009

Earwen Namie Lightrider [Ancalime]

Name: (Aranel) Earwen Námië Lightrider [Ancalime]
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Species: Melmeolalaithian
Homeworld/Province: Melmeolalaith
Affiliation: Jedi Outcasts
Division: Brass
---Traits: Cheerful, very social, mischievous, random, and loud.
---Likes: Family, singing, lore, flying, developing Jedi talents, Outcast friends, and reading.
---Dislikes: Royal hierarchy, killing living things, and feeling trapped.
---Habits: Talkative. Extremely curious.
---Skin Color: Faint blue. Gives the illusion of glowing when she is experiencing extreme emotion.
---Hair Color: Fiery red. Layered cut, no bangs.
---Eye Color: Green
On home world: Green cloak with a leaf clasp. Often wears sleeveless dresses with special arm bands that have leaves trailing down to bracelets. Circular emblems of silver are found in the middle of the arm bands on both sides. As a young child the emblems were the Melmeolalaithian crest and the Aranel symbol. Since joining the Outcasts she has replaced with Aranel symbol with the Jedi Outcast symbol. With the dresses she wears short boots that come up to just above the ankle as solid and then wrap in a spiral open form up to just below the knee. Her outfit is made complete with her silver leaf belt with her lightsaber attached (and decorated with the same leaves).
On base (so most of the time): Uniform while on duty. Combat pants, boots, and a tank top or t-shirt when off duty. Special occasions (non-military) a few of the dresses she brought with her.
---Other Attributes/Details: Ears are slightly pointed.
Weapons: Lightsaber. Blaster and mini blasters. Bow and arrows. Knives.
Spirit/Force: Received extensive Jedi training. Connection with the Force is still strong.
---Personal History:
0 years born into the Melmeolalaithian Royal Family as the crown princess (Aranel) and heir to the throne
3 years old began Jedi training in secret with an uncle
7 years old began head of state lessons
8 years old began flying lessons
10 years old co-presided over matters of the people
13 years old left Melmeolalaith and set out on her own
18 years old joined the Outcasts
19 years old married Skye Lightrider
21 years old gave birth to Menelluin and Elerrina
25 years old became a widow
27 years old becomes Vice Chancellor of the Jedi Outcasts.
---Military History:
Moved up through the ranks: Flight Officer to Ensign to Lieutenant Jr. Grade to Lieutenant to Senior Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander to Commander to Major to Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel to General to Grand General to current position as Vice Chancellor
Additional duties taken on over the years included the role of Executive Officer after Lissa had taken on the role as Supreme Chancellor. Now that Laine has assumed the Chancellorship and Earwen the VC position - they will need to decide on who will take on the XO duties.
See Jedi Outcast records for all further military history.

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