Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nimaj Neb

Name: Nimaj Neb
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Species: Human
Homeworld: M’haeli
Affiliation: New Republic

---Traits: Quiet, friendly, somewhat shy but willing to do anything to help a friend. Strong beliefs about right & wrong. Able to sleep wherever & whenever. Very empathetic toward those who are hurting.
---Likes: Animals, lightsabers, target shooting, big explosions, space & flight.
---Dislikes: The Dark side, death, Yuuzhan Vong, smugglers.
---Habits: Tends to be overprotective, wants to shield people from harm. Is self-sacrificing and can end up overextending himself.

---Skin Color: Medium tan
---Hair Color: Brown
---Eye Color: Brown
---Clothing: Tends to dress conservatively in earth-tone solids. Likes loose, flowing clothing.
---Other Attributes:
---Other Details:
Weapons: Green lightsaber

Starship N/A
---Hyperdrive Class:
---Sublight Speed:
---Max Cargo (kg):
---Interior Description:
---Other Details:

The Force
---Sensitivity: Jedi Knight
---Religion: Jedi (?)
-----Crystal(s): ???
-----Blade(s): Single, 3’ length.
-----Color(s): Green
-----Handle Description(s): Shiny silver/chrome cylinder w/diagonally etched crosshatching for grip. Single activation stud.
---Force Abilities: Force jump, Force speed, Force defense (highly skilled at deflecting blaster bolts), Jedi healing trance.
---Force Weakness: Has difficulty maintaining force melds because of his extreme empathy (tends to lose individuality and personhood and so recoils from the link). Mastery of Form III results in excellent defensive abilities, but poor attack abilities. Vulnerable to dark side powers due to inexperience in the Force.
---Other Force Object(s): N/A

---Personal History: Orphaned as a child. Raised as a charge of the community on M’Haeli until being recruited for the Jedi Academy at age 10.
---Military History: N/A
---Traumatic Experiences: Was raped and sodomized as a young child by a group of smugglers. Lost his master at the conclusion of the Battle for Coruscant. Lost his own lightsaber in the bowels of Coruscant fighting a sort of dragon monster.

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