Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Laine Exca Snowtrekker

Name: Laine Exca Snowtrekker
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (Started at age 16)
Species: Human
Homeworld: Hythrope IV
Affiliation: Jedi Outcasts; former smuggler
Family: Dallas Valla, older sister; Duja Valla, brother-in-law; Ralo, Anshi, and Alre, nephews and niece; Jasan Snowtrekker, father (deceased); Evalynne Snowtrekker, mother (deceased); Jamin Landlett, friend; Tynan Sloan, friend; Rolkyn Yal, her Jedi Master

---Traits: Street smart, intelligent. An idealist. Likes to talk, but knows when to speak and when to shut up. Can be a worrywart. Thinks a lot.
---Likes: Good music (esp. Hythrope Symphony Orchestra), writing stories and poetry, flying, mountains, the outdoors, space
---Dislikes: People in power who hurt rather than help, seeing or being in poverty, war, losing family or friends, being afraid
---Habits: Always checks a room before settling in, figures out multiple escape routes (just in case)

---Skin Color: Tannish white
---Hair Color: Dark brown, short--sticks out all over the place unless wetted and combed
---Eye Color: Green
---Clothing: Outcast uniforms, smuggler garb as civvies, a dark-blue (looks brownish) Jedi robe
---Other Attributes: Owns an R-2 droid, named Steeler
---Other Details: Has a long scar from wrist to shoulder on her left arm

Weapons: Orange lightsaber, twin DL-44s, thermal detenators

---Name: Nevvah Efase
---Class: Light freighter
---Hyperdrive Class:
---Weapon(s): Laser cannons (mandible mounted)--plus all of the modifications
---Shields: Quite stong
---Sublight Speed: Quite fast
---Crew: 3 (but only one currently)
---Passenger(s): 7 (currently none)
---Max Cargo: 104 metric tons:
---Interior Description: Like a basic transport, but with three obvious quarters, and two hidden rooms, specially modified.
---Other Details:

The Force
---Sensitivity: Medium high--high; has been recently Mastered.
---Religion: Lightside
---Lightsaber --Built when she was ten, on a visit to her home planet.
-----Crystal(s): 2
-----Blade(s): 1
-----Color(s): Orange
-----Handle Description(s): Cylindrical, once smooth, has a few knicks and scratches.
---Force Abilities: Shields, moving things, empathy
---Force Weakness: Is sometimes too empathetic
---Other Force Object(s): N/A

---Personal History: Lived on-planet until age seven. Trained under a neighbor who was a hiding Jedi Master from ages three to eleven. Lived on her parents' ship and helped them smuggle until their death when she was thirteen-and-a-half. Joined her brother-in-law's crew, working with her sister, until she was almost fifteen. During her fifteenth year, she and her sister sold their parents' ship, the Steeler V, to the two crewmates, and bought X-Wings and R-2 units. At age sixteen she joined the Outcasts, with her sister Dallas.
---Military History: Various missions with the Outcasts. Began as SS3, and ascended in rank until currently a rear admiral and RS1, the leader of the squadron.
---Traumatic Experiences: --13 1/2: Parents murdered aboard their ship She heard, but didn't see. 14: Was set up by some enemies--thought she'd lost her best friend, Jamin Landlett, in the firefight. Got her scar. 16: On a side mission, found Jamin, after believing him to be dead. 18: Jim Palso's test-run crash.

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